Reverend William and Hassie Garmon Shaw

Grandmother Hassie Shaw about 1949, Grandmother Shaw about 1987

Reverend Willie and Hassie Shaw, William and Family early 1970s

Hassie Garmon 1920s, Right Side The Garmon Family 1904 before my Grandmother was born

My Grandfather Reverend William Shaws parents, George and Camilia Pasley Shaw, Grandmother Camilia Shaw about 1973

Francis Abbott Pasley, mother of Camilia Shaw, Francis Pasley and Camilia Shaw

Grandmother Hannah Plunket Garmon and Her husband William Garmon, parents of Hassie Garmon Shaw

Grandfather William Pasley and his familys home with the family outside

Background is Curryville Baptist Church in Gordon County, Georgia where my Grandfather was pastor for a while. Under construction Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!